NAEOP National Conference 2016 – Photos

NCAEOP - Shall We DanceNo other North Carolina educational association makes itself so readily accessible to a single professional class of individuals who cover the complete spectrum of education. Membership is open to educational office personnel and administrators in public and private educational systems throughout North Carolina. If you would like the opportunity to network and gain valuable friendships, join us! If you would like to make a difference in your profession, join us!

The Association is divided into fourteen districts. For a listing of county and city school districts served by NCAEOP, click here. For a map of districts as they appear on a state map, click here.

NCAEOP is your professional association. A giant step toward professionalism can be made by completing the membership form on our web site. Membership in NCAEOP offers a number of benefits to members, ranging from opportunities for professional certification and growth to educational scholarships and insurance. Additionally, we work to promote salaries and input in all education related issues within the state legislature.

Join us now and begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to an organization that cares about you! forex market



Message from the President

Hello Members of NCAEOP!
Bianca Bedford - State PresidentAs another year is about to begin for our wonderful association, numerous feels of enjoyment and excitement are surging to the surface as I serve as your State President. With the support, guidance, understanding of my family, the members of my local unit – Carteret Community College AEOP, the members of District 12 and the members throughout the association, you have prepared me for this esteemed position – a position that I do not take lightly.
My theme for this year is: NCAEOP – Shall We Dance. The logo shows three dancers synchronized in their movement. Their lines are solid, but gentle. The mask shows whether we are happy or sad, our dance will always continue, and lastly, the musical note represents the music, the heartbeat of this great organization.
Dancing is a beautiful way to articulate emotions that are found within everyone, whether it is ballet, jazz, African, Caribbean, tap, modern, classical, or even a waltz. Dancing embodies the fluency of movements and lines and shows the expressiveness of the human spirit. As members of the North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals, we exemplify the heart of dancers. Our movements are precise, yet delicate. Our lines are defined, nonetheless soft. Our eloquence of spirit is shown through our charitable contributions within our local communities, but most of all to the school systems we serve.
As my predecessors before me–our Past Presidents, they are our choreographers of our NCAEOP dance. From the meeting rooms to the boardrooms, these individuals have diligently laid the foundation and the design of our dance. From Plie’ to Releve’s to Rond de jambe, they have keep us in step with the many changes within the association. I invite all members, whether you are an active, associate, or retired member to do the electric slide of professionalism. I encourage each of you to take hold each person’s hand and do the Carolina Shag of Service, the Jitterbug of Integrity, and the East Coast Swing of Skill.
As we take our positions on the dance floor, pulling up, and ready for our dance to begin–listening for that first cord of the music, slowly raising our arms and our dance will commence. Let us dance through halls and corridors on the wings of eagles. Let us dance with the passion that is inside each of us. LET US DANCE, LET US DANCE, LET US DANCE! Members of the North Carolina Association of Educational Office Professionals, please take my hand as I ask each of you, NCAEOP – Shall We Dance.

Bianca P. Bedford
NCAEOP 2016-2017 President